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Love and Marriage and Money. Partnership or Trauma Reenactment?

Marriage and money is a very rich topic where anything can go really wrong. There are all kinds of statistics out there that say money is the number one cause of divorce. Let’s take a look at the just some … Continue reading

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Lottery Winner Syndrome versus REALITY. Yes, you need a budget.

You’ve seen those people show up on the talk shows. People who have won millions in the lottery, only to be poor again a few years later? Amazingly, they blew it all. They thought they had a bottomless barrel of … Continue reading

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Investment Advisors and zany investment products. Caveat Emptor!

Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware. I encourage anyone about to embark in a huge financial decision to do some research to gain confidence. For instance, if you want to buy real estate for the first time, go to the … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”. US richer than ever, but not you.

If you are wondering why your paycheck isn’t going far, and you are blaming yourself for not working harder or earning more, this movie is a real eye opener. There was a lot of surprising information in this film: 1. … Continue reading

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John Bogle, the guy who could have been the world’s richest man.

John Bogle could easily have been the richest man in the world. He is the founder of Vanguard, the least glamorous company in finance. Vanguard is among the world’s largest money management companies, with over two trillion dollars under management. … Continue reading

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401K Fear and Loathing

On Saturday, I adjusted the asset allocation in my 401K plan. It was nerve wracking. I was putting down 25% for this fund, 15% for that fund, and so on. I truly believed that my retirement depended on my ability … Continue reading

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Financial literacy education mandatory in Australia and UK. How about USA?

Remember being baffled by your first credit card? What is this, how does it work? Remember being intimidated the first time you opened a bank account? In February, 2013, the U.K. announced that personal finance instruction will be mandatory in … Continue reading

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