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Lottery Winner Syndrome versus REALITY. Yes, you need a budget.

You’ve seen those people show up on the talk shows. People who have won millions in the lottery, only to be poor again a few years later? Amazingly, they blew it all. They thought they had a bottomless barrel of … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”. US richer than ever, but not you.

If you are wondering why your paycheck isn’t going far, and you are blaming yourself for not working harder or earning more, this movie is a real eye opener. There was a lot of surprising information in this film: 1. … Continue reading

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Teach Personal Finance in K-12, as important as Sex Ed!

Personal finance is an essential life skill! Why oh why isn’t it taught in K-12 curriculum? Is it because that knowledge of personal finance could possibly lead us to independence from The Machine? *gasp* Here’s a fun fact. Sex Ed … Continue reading

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